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9434 Tony Ogle Print Hahei Pathways-410
Tony Ogle resides in Gisborne, having previously lived for many years in Auckland and at Bethell's Beach on the West coast. He is represented in galleries throughout New Zealand and is known as one of New Zealand's leading screenprinters.

In the early eighties Tony lived and worked at Matapouri Bay in Northland.  There he helped establish a screenprint workshop with fellow artist Tom Burnett, also a keen surfer and whose work and lifestyle share a similar aesthetic. During this time they produced many prints and paintings celebrating the coastal scenery of Northland.  Tony continues to be drawn to locations off the beaten track - the kind of untouched niches that convey the timeless 'sense of place' which he strives to capture in his work.  The iconic baches, classic caravans and pasifika-inspired prints  which populate our beloved beach culture are also brought to life through his distinctive style. tony is best known for his screenprints, however he also makes acrylic paintings where his typically clear and bright colours take on an almost otherworldly luminosity.  Tony's work has a joyful, vibrant feel which expresses an authentic connection with the New Zealand coastal landscape, and celebrates the kiwi beach lifestyle which accompanies it. 
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Anaura Bay
NZD $843.00
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Champagne Cliffs
NZD $416.00
excl GST
Cooks Cove
NZD $652.00
excl GST
Homestead Mathesons Bay
NZD $457.00
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NZD $311.00
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Raglan Indicators
NZD $577.00
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Time Out
NZD $527.00
excl GST
To the Lookout
NZD $555.00
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Te Pahi Northland
NZD $3,415.00
excl GST
Wainui Waves
NZD $373.00
excl GST
Te Pupuha Point
NZD $741.00
excl GST
Discovery Bay
NZD $425.00
excl GST
Kawaupaku - Te Henga
NZD $297.00
excl GST
Hammock and Bach
NZD $488.00
excl GST
60's Sun Seekers
NZD $280.00
excl GST
Coastal Carnival
NZD $399.00
excl GST
Free Spirit
NZD $133.00
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Beach Bovines
NZD $440.00
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NZD $560.00
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Nature Trail
NZD $690.00
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Batchelor's Rest
NZD $550.00
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